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How to brew Chemex coffee

How to brew Chemex coffee

The Chemex was designed by a German chemist named Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. This method uses thick, lab-grade filter paper. During the brew, the paper sticks to the dripper, making the water flow more slowly. This allows for easier control of the agitation of the ground coffee in the Chemex method compared to other pour-over methods.

The coffee brewed by Chemex is nicely balanced between aroma and taste, with a crisp mouth feel thanks to the thick filter paper.   

How to brew

(1) Place the paper filter in the dripper, then pour plenty of hot water to wet the paper and heat up both. This heats up the device and allows the filter to stick to the side walls to promote even extraction, as well as reducing the amount of filter bypass (water escaping through exposed filter rather than moving through the coffee grounds). Don't forget to discard this water before starting the brew!

(2) Put ground coffee in, gently shake the dripper to even out the grounds, and create a small crater in the center to help distribute the water faster and more evenly. The recommended amount of total used water is 320-340gr for 20gr ground coffee (ratio 1:16 - 1:17). The water temperature should be about 93 celsius.

(3) Start by pouring 40-60gr of water to evenly wet the coffee grounds and wait for 30-45s. The time begins once water touches the coffee grounds. Next, pour the rest of the water slowly, evenly, and consistently. The total time from the start of pouring until all the water has been added should be around 2:30 minutes. The last drips should finish between 4-5 minutes.

 Stir your pour-over well before sharing and enjoying.


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